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Your Trusted Contractor for Furnace Installations in Windsor

LaMantia Heating & Cooling Inc. has been a trusted provider of heating and cooling solutions in Windsor since 1991. With our years of experience and expertise, we offer exceptional furnace installations for both residential and commercial customers. Our certified team, led by Tim LaMantia, is fully licensed and dedicated to providing top-quality service. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or book a consultation.

Our Quality Services

When it comes to furnace installations, we cover a wide range of services to meet your heating needs. Here are some of the installation and repair services we offer:

  • Ductless air conditioning: We specialize in installing ductless air conditioning systems, providing efficient and effective cooling solutions for your home or business.

  • Ducted and ductless heat pumps: Our team can install ductless heat pumps, that offer heating and cooling capabilities, providing year-round comfort.

  • Tankless water heater: Upgrade to a tankless water heater for endless hot water supply and energy efficiency. We can handle the installation of these advanced water heating systems.

  • Water heaters: If you need a traditional water heater installed or repaired, our team can assist you with professional installation and maintenance services.

  • Heat recovery ventilation (HRV): Improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency with an HRV system. We can install and maintain these systems for optimal performance.

  • Boilers: Our technicians are experienced in boiler installation and repair. Whether you need a new boiler or repair an existing one, we've got you covered.

  • Gas lines for different appliances: We can install gas lines for various appliances, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

  • Ventilation (Exhaust fans): Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Our team can install exhaust fans and ventilation systems tailored to your needs.

  • Furnace inspection: Regular furnace inspections are essential for ensuring optimal performance and identifying any potential issues. We offer comprehensive furnace inspections to keep your system running smoothly.


Want to see how we work? Browse our gallery to see our past projects in Windsor.

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Partnership with the Best in the Business

We are proud to be a pro-partner of RHEEM, a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling systems. As a trusted partner, we can access a wide range of high-quality RHEEM products that deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. When you choose LaMantia Heating & Cooling Inc., you can trust that we provide top-notch furnace installations using top-rated RHEEM equipment in Windsor. Our partnership with RHEEM allows us to offer our customers the latest advancements in heating technology, ensuring your home stays comfortable year-round.

Get in touch with us today for further information regarding furnace installation in Windsor.

How to Find the Right Size Furnace for Your Home

Finding the right size furnace for your home is essential for efficient heating and optimal comfort. Here are some important factors to consider when determining the appropriate furnace size:

  • Heat load calculation: A heat load calculation takes into account the direction your home faces, size, layout, and insulation of your home to determine the amount of heat required to maintain a comfortable temperature. This calculation considers factors such as the square footage of your home, the number of windows and doors, insulation levels, and climate conditions in your area.

  • Seek professional assistance: It's recommended to seek professional assistance from HVAC experts to calculate your home's heat load accurately. Certified technicians have the knowledge and tools to perform precise calculations based on industry standards.

  • Consider energy efficiency: While it may be tempting to install an oversized furnace to ensure maximum heating capacity, it can lead to energy waste and discomfort. An oversized furnace will cycle on and off more frequently, resulting in inefficient operation and increased utility bills. On the other hand, an undersized furnace may struggle to heat your home adequately. Finding the right balance is crucial for energy efficiency.

  • Consult with HVAC professionals: HVAC professionals can evaluate your home's specific heating needs and recommend the appropriate furnace size. They consider factors such as insulation, climate, and the number of occupants in your home. By conducting a thorough assessment, they can ensure you select a furnace that meets your comfort requirements while maximizing energy efficiency.

  • Look for ENERGY STAR® certification: When choosing a furnace, consider models with ENERGY STAR® certification. ENERGY STAR® certified furnaces can help reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs while providing reliable heating performance.

  • Long-term considerations: Keep in mind that your heating needs may change over time. If you plan on making home improvements or additions in the future, it's important to factor in these changes when selecting a furnace size. Discuss your future plans with the HVAC professional to ensure you choose a furnace that accommodates your long-term needs.


Finding the right size furnace for your home is crucial for efficient heating and optimal comfort. By consulting with HVAC professionals, considering energy efficiency, and assessing your home's specific heating requirements, you can select a furnace that provides reliable performance while minimizing energy waste. Trust the expertise of LaMantia Heating & Cooling Inc. to help you find the perfect furnace size for your Windsor home. Contact us today for personalized assistance and exceptional service.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Furnace?

Take the first step towards improving your home's heating system. Contact LaMantia Heating & Cooling Inc. today to get a free estimate for furnace installation or any of our heating services.

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