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Available 24/7, we can cater to all your emergency HVAC repair needs in Windsor.

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Emergency HVAC Repair Services in Windsor

From HRV systems to air conditioners and furnaces, we believe that every home depends on HVAC systems for comfort throughout the year. While they are designed to work efficiently, they tend to break down after years of use and you may require exceptional repair services. LaMantia Heating & Cooling Inc. in Windsor offers emergency HVAC repair services to both residential and commercial clients across the area. We are also a proud pro-partner of RHEEM and have very good reviews directly from the manufacturers.

Since 1991, our professionals have been serving our clients with quality sales, installation, repair, and maintenance services. We can help you ease the financial burden by offering various financing options. When you choose us, you can avail various benefits such as:


Home Improvement Solutions

We offer various financial options to ease your burden, keeping you cozy and comfortable.


Save Your Wallet and Energy Costs

We’ll handle both regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.


Clean HVAC Units Work Better

Keeping your heaters and air conditioners clean is critical for maintaining their efficiency.


Replace Your Home’s Air Filter

Changing the air filters can increase indoor air quality and keep the equipment running efficiently.

HRVs – To Improve Indoor Air Quality

At LaMantia Heating & Cooling Inc., we are committed to helping you maintain healthy indoor air quality with our top-notch heat recovery ventilation systems. These energy recovery ventilators are also known as mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) that works between two sources at different temperatures to reduce the heating and cooling demands of your building. HRVs can eliminate unpleasant or hazardous indoor air by exchanging it for fresh outdoor air. These systems typically recover about 60-95% of the heat and significantly improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Excellence Is Our Goal

We believe that regular annual maintenance can go a long way while preventing any heating and cooling system problems. Turn to LaMantia Heating & Cooling Inc. for your annual HVAC maintenance and we can help you stay cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Our experienced HVAC contractors provide a variety of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services to keep your home cozy and comfortable. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for 24/7 emergency services.

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